(Spread the word and get searching! It may even be a good idea to put this in your Queue to be posted every 6/7th and 19/20th as a reminder!)

#SafeSearchWrapUp is heavily community driven effort to help make the SafeSearch features on image-search engines such as GoogleImages, Bing, or Youtube be free of NSFW content. Every cartoon from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to “Young Justice” contains fan made pornographic works referred to as Rule-34. Rule-34 is a catch all term denoting porn of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, cartoon or not. However searching up images of any animated series will likely turn up these images, even on the first few pages.

As the teen and adult fans of the show, we have to be considerate of the younger target audience. A lot of parents and their children may be looking up images of their favorite characters to print out and put on their wall or such. As a community we can make image searching safer for the young ones and their parents. No shutting down or deleting things from existence, simply keeping it off SafeSearch as a courtesy for others.


The Game Plan:

Everyone should pick at least one search term they think would commonly used by kids and their parents, such as “My little pony twilight sparkle”. You can search at your leisure through a few pages… say 5-10 at least? However, on the 7th and 20th of every month we can all do it in large droves. If the call is sent out all at the same time, like a tradition then more people are likely to participate. Additionally, if Google or Bing gets a lot of flags for the same image from a lot of people- we can assume they will be more likely to remove it.

What to look for? Gore, blood, penises, vaginas, and perhaps lingerie. Just use your best judgement. Honestly if its something you wouldn’t look at while at work or show to a kid, then its probably not something we want showing up in a safe-search! If you think it should be done out of safe search as well, then thats your call to make.


How To Flag:

On Google, simply enlarge an image and go to Send Feedback circled here and enter comment notifying them the image is “not suitable for children” or something along those lines. If you would like a video tutorial, courtesy of jackrahbit, then click here.:


On Bing, simply click the flag image in the lower left corner when you hover over an image. Then check the “Adult” checkbox. If you would like, jackrahbit made a YouTube video showing how.  Quick and easy! Lets do this!

Also see #SafeSearchWrapUp’s sister projects:

Note: The original date was going to be the 15th of every month, however I decided to do it en masse twice a month instead.


suggestions from other users:


Less of This, More of That”

Based off of my “Operation Ask“ thing I did when I first started this blog. Reblog this post and saying "Send me the ask!” and I will send an Ask with the below italicized text. If you reblog without actually saying “Send me the ask!” I’ll just assume you’re signal boosting the original post.

As a member of the brony community, what 3 things do you think our fandom needs to be called out on or improve upon? What 3 things would you say the fandom does good on & you would encourage to keep up? Remember, this is about fandom NOT the show itself. PUBLISH this & tag it “#LOTMOT” (short for Less of This, More of That) so others can see. Anyone who agrees/disagrees with the below answer, reply with your thoughts and experiences! Want this Ask too? Read my post tagged #LOTMOTorigin.

The point of this is to look at ourselves critically and get each other talking. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST WITH YOUR ANSWERS. Me sending an Ask instead of you just making a text post allows for the post to not be shortened into a link when it is reblogged. Additionally if everyone is sent an Ask, the tag can be searched and it won’t just be a unorganized mess of long answers reblogged from my original post. And if someone agrees/disagrees with a certain person’s post they can just reblog and add their thoughts to that specific person’s post.

Discussion is heavily encouraged. Disagreeing may bring understanding different view points. Agreeing can help support and strengthen emphasis on certain voices that need to be herd.

Send me the ask.

I’ll formulate a response over the next couple of days.


This is exactly what my mantra is these days.

You’ll never reach people’s minds by shouting them down. Even if you batter them into submission they will never appreciate your words.

It’s far more effective to explain the obscure, give alternatives to the bad, and demonstrate the correct.

Sure, now and then a dose of reality is what it takes to get through to someone – but it should always be counter-balanced, or out-weighed by a positive response.

Very true, the jumping up and down that tends to happen gets old very quickly and doesn’t yield any truly positive long term results, for either side.

Well thought, calm, and measured responses, while initially slow to gain traction are much more likely to prevail in the end.

It’s a fact of life that people live drama, they’re naturally drawn to it. But when it’s the same repetitive thing, people will move from it. It’s these moments that a calmer response is more likely to grab someone attention and gain traction.

There will always be people who think being rude, loud, obnoxious and offensive is the only way they can convey their message. I’ve dealt with enough arguments like that in real life and in the past online that I no longer pay heed to it.
If you feel the desire to hurl abuse at me to try make your point, don’t be surprised if I just flat out ignore you. I have more important things to deal with than someone who I know won’t listen to me anyway.


Luna is having a bad mane day..

it seems someone replaced all of her mane care products.. now I wonder who could have done that?

this took me way longer than really necessary. I need to reduce the time I take to do this, starting with not using so many damn layers (i layered everything and I barely touched on them again, so that’s a quick habit to kick.)

cross blogging from my art blog..


Okay so here’s my drunken tumble post…
The brony flag is a duality, I’d important to us, but at the same time its meaningless.
Its pointless to abandon or change it for two reasons.

1. Its not the name people attack, its the false perception of who we are.

2. Because of reason 1, the problems that dog the brony name would follow us to any other name we adopt.

Ironically, if I dropped the brony name, and people instantly forgave me, it proves that its prejudice against a name without judging my character.

Brony is not the problem. Cloppers are not the problem. Fans of MLP are not the problem.

People who can’t use freedom of speech and action responsibly are the problem.


100% true.




I forgot that I made this one drunk night long ago

Headcanon accepted. I like this idea actually.

I really like this idea, too!

Works with my ideas.
I also see pegasus wings as being really sensitive to touch. (this works well with the “no touching without asking” part)
The closest comparison to how it would be that I can think of off the top of my head is the neck.
For the most part it doesn’t matter, but juuuust the right spot or amount of pressure…