People are posting on twitter saying that they’re moving to Canada after the SCOTUS ruling…

ummmmmm…. Who wants to tell them?

While the SCOTUS ruling has no effect on my life ( since I’m Australian, and I wouldn’t be able to even get married to someone of the same sex legally, even in the us, due to how our laws work)
It makes me happy , and hopeful that it will help generate the final push to make it legal here.

If tony Abbott would just stop getting in the damn way..






as a Canadian, I can say with 100% honesty that this is accurate

the fuckers have literally chased me down a fucking street

take your geese back, canada

#i think that every night#geese just stand outside the windows of the canadian people#and absorb all their anger#this is why canadians are so nice#and geese are the most evil things to walk the planets

y’all have never met magpies, obviously

I guess I really should try to not be so down on myself. I mean, I have just over a month until my holidays, and my trip to bronycon.

And there’s not really a way for me to know what could happen there. While unlikely, I really can’t dismiss the chances.
Time will tell.

I mean, really, the worst that can happen is nothing changes, which just means its another blank page in the book that is my life
* shrugs*