So I’m working on turning this into a print-worthy picture. The main problem is that the original version was square, and there really aren’t square photo print sizes. 

So I cleaned up some of the lines and stuff and added the text. I have pretty mixed feelings about the text though. I want to know what you guys think?




why are some bronies so infuriating like can you act your fucking age you piece of shit

Because people are naturally infuriating. Also [insert not all bronoes here ]

The real question is why are some people so infuriating. It doesn’t matter if someone’s in a group or not — annoying people are annoying.

pretty much, large groups of people in general have their annoying ones, no matter what they’re into.


Derpy: Geez! I was such a little dweeb back then! XD

(( Featuring Ruby Rain as one of the bullys.  My Patron,  chef-pony-rei’s OC! Also Experimenting with line thickness. Let me know what you guys think! ))


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Hey, first appearance for ruby rain.

Fortunately her attitude has improved over time, though she’s more of a prankster these days.