Just had an idea for a thing

Just had an idea for a thing



When making pizza dough, is it really necessary to do spin the dough in the air? And how well can you do it?


It’s not necessary but it’s the easiest way to stretch the dough evenly. 

It kinda depends on the dough though.  The place I used to work out, we used a machine to flatten the dough and you COULD toss it, but the dough was kinda stiff.  If you tried to stretch it with your hands, it would almost always break.  But if you tossed it, that would work.

Where I work now.. .the dough is super soft… I find that tossing it works well, BUT if I toss just SLIGHTLY too high… when I catch it I put a big hole in the dough =/  It stretches by hand much easier than the stiff stuff (OMG LOL STIFF)

As for how well.. well each dough is different, so I can safely say I can do really soft dough and really hard dough well… haven’t tried one in the middle though XD

It’s rare I do anything with pizza dough myself these days (mostly only do it when I do a pizza night at home)

my dough tends to be in the middle when I make it. I toss it a little, but I try to avoid doing it too much. I can be a bit rough sometimes and end up ruining it, lol



(So, I’m not one to ask for help unless I really, really have to, and I’ve run into a rather big problem, for me, anyway, that there is no way I can fix myself. My car’s air conditioning is dead. And to FIX it would require a brand new compressor….valued at $825. While I CAN afford it, it would put my finances in a place that’d make me really, really nervous. So I’m doing a little commissions fundraiser to help me afford that new compressor. If there is one thing I’ve learned about the pony community, it’s that you guys are all a caring and helpful bunch. So there are a few ways you could all help me a ton. Firstly, it’d be a gigantic help if anyone just spreads the word. Reblogging this makes a huge difference, and would mean the world!

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