Do you have an extensive collection of fedoras? Do you find yourself in the friend zone despite being the ” nice guy” towards women?


Oh oh, a fellow enthusiast… LET ME SHOW YOU MY FEDORAS.

You know, I don’t get all this hating on fedoras.

A nice classic fedora, with a 1940’s style American tailored suit and a tommy gun go together PERFECTLY!

You’re a fag. You’re a creepy over weight neck beard who wears a fedora and has a tiny dick.




So, I want to talk about this.

There is no proof this is from a social justice advocate, so I won’t comment specifically on that. What I do want to comment on, however, is the amount of shaming that takes place in this post.

For a moment setting aside the fact that this post misgenders Faily, the post also claims that she is homosexual, and uses a homophobic slur against her.

They then go on to shame her imagined weight, as if being overweight in and of itself were some crime. 

Lastly, they imply her manhood is small, shaming her (non-existent) sexual organ, as if the size of her penis is something she can help.

None of these things are okay. You do not shame someone for their sexuality, their weight, appearance, or their genitals. It’s sick and wrong.

Ok. This is why I love you PfP :3

That post has many more times the amount of thought out reasoning I would have used as a response…

I tend to try to avoid insults where I can, but I’m the first to stand up and admit I’m one hell of a sarcastic person, and I can lay it on a bit too thick fairly regularly (the number of times I draft, edit, re-edit etc before posting I’ve lost track of, lol)

I disagree with bronies, I disagree with the fact that I can’t walk through a con as fluttershy without a creepy Brony following me around and then cornering me, demanding I come with him to his hotel room.. Is that okay? I’m honestly curious to see which bronies you defend against to be honest, I’m not being sarcastic! I mean, I know there are really nice wonderful bronies too and all.. Just curious is all.


Well i’m not defending ones who do creepy shit like follow someone around at a con then invite them to their room

But seriously, dude, next time, tell a staff member.  That’s what they’re there for.  A lot of these problems could be handled so much better if they’d just confront a staff member about what’s going on.

Honestly, creepers happen at every con. I’ve been hit on by creepy guys while crossplaying at several cons (even had one at Blizzcon)

Creepers are indefensible, and deserve to be kicked out of events and shamed. It’s what should happen to show people that that behavior is unacceptable.

However, by the same token, labeling the entire group as creeps, etc, because of, what really is, a small minority is also wrong.
These people are creeps, with or without bronies around. And it’s a safe bet they also do it within any other fandoms that they may be a part of.

In all honesty, a lot of the slurs and lies, I’ve heard them almost all before. I was on the receiving end of a lot of it back in the early days of an anime convention I helped start, before anime was as widely accepted in countries like Australia as it is now..

Things have improved over the years, but it is a never ending battle to keep the creeps away. With most cons now having 0 tolerance for harassment, and cosplayers forming support groups (whereby any cosplayer or their handler will assist any others in need at an event) it’s getting a lot harder for the creeps to get away with things.
The natural ideal is to have none, of course. And that’s where punishing the ones who do slip through will eventually get the message of “see this? It’s unacceptable, if you do it, we WILL kick you out” across.


Okay so here’s my drunken tumble post…
The brony flag is a duality, I’d important to us, but at the same time its meaningless.
Its pointless to abandon or change it for two reasons.

1. Its not the name people attack, its the false perception of who we are.

2. Because of reason 1, the problems that dog the brony name would follow us to any other name we adopt.

Ironically, if I dropped the brony name, and people instantly forgave me, it proves that its prejudice against a name without judging my character.

Brony is not the problem. Cloppers are not the problem. Fans of MLP are not the problem.

People who can’t use freedom of speech and action responsibly are the problem.


100% true.

You don’t know me

You don’t know me, but you don’t care.

why should you? to you I’m nothing, I’m a brony, you hate us all, so you hate me.

but still, you don’t know me.

It’s easy to hate an empty vessel. something or someone you don’t know, it’s a shell, you can project whatever you think onto it. be it a creeper, or a pervert, or any other nasty things your imagination can comprehend.

let’s make this a little less of  a shell…

it’s just a little harder now, isn’t it?

you still don’t know me.

that merely adds an image to a shell, you can still project your hate. but you don’t know what I do, really, you only know a couple of things I do.

you’ve got no idea when I wake up to start my work, or when I finish and go to sleep. You’ve got no idea that I spend 80% of my time thousands of kilometers from my friends and family for my job, how could you? after all, you don’t know me

You don’t know that I spend large amounts of my free time working on costumes for various conventions, and planning for my holidays where I get to see friends who I rarely get to see. 

but that doesn’t matter to you, you don’t know me.

and you know what, you never will. 

When inflating your ego through lies and badmouthing is all you really care about, you’ve got no interest in learning about me.

or anyone else like me for that matter.

and there’s thousands like me.

but to you, we don’t matter. it’s just that one. the one that even we don’t like, that makes you hate us all, makes you label us all.

but, you don’t know them either, just like you don’t know me….

And I don’t know you..