You’re a fag. You’re a creepy over weight neck beard who wears a fedora and has a tiny dick.




So, I want to talk about this.

There is no proof this is from a social justice advocate, so I won’t comment specifically on that. What I do want to comment on, however, is the amount of shaming that takes place in this post.

For a moment setting aside the fact that this post misgenders Faily, the post also claims that she is homosexual, and uses a homophobic slur against her.

They then go on to shame her imagined weight, as if being overweight in and of itself were some crime. 

Lastly, they imply her manhood is small, shaming her (non-existent) sexual organ, as if the size of her penis is something she can help.

None of these things are okay. You do not shame someone for their sexuality, their weight, appearance, or their genitals. It’s sick and wrong.

Ok. This is why I love you PfP :3

That post has many more times the amount of thought out reasoning I would have used as a response…

I tend to try to avoid insults where I can, but I’m the first to stand up and admit I’m one hell of a sarcastic person, and I can lay it on a bit too thick fairly regularly (the number of times I draft, edit, re-edit etc before posting I’ve lost track of, lol)

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