*closes laptop.*

The real question is, where did e get those sheets? I want that bed spread.

It’s a pretty nice bedspread, actually. I’d gladly get one for my hypothetical daughter. 😀

I’ll be your hypothetical daughter if you buy me that bedspread.

I fail to see how this one’s so bad? Lots of people have slept with plushies for comfort at some point (not that kind of “sleeping with”, get your mind out of the gutter) and lots of people have had themed bedspreads before.

It’s not like he’s screwing the plushie or – *GASP* – putting it on a desk or anything horrible like that. He’s snuggled up to a plushie, that’s all. I have a friend about my age (I’m 21) who I know has plush huskies that she sleeps with. 

My entire bed is covered in stuffed animals and pillows. *shrugs* I’m 21. P8

I’m 24, and I WANT a plushie to sleep with, though I don’t have one. (they’re expensive x_x)

I have no shame in this. Adults who keep in contact with their inner child are the mentally healthiest people in my opinion.

I’m 30, and I freaking LOVE my plushies..
I sleep with a big rainbow dash one at home, and a smaller rainbow dash and twilight while on site.
I also have a shelf in my living room piled with them. (ranging from anime, to WoW/Starcraft, to MLP)