This is exactly what my mantra is these days.

You’ll never reach people’s minds by shouting them down. Even if you batter them into submission they will never appreciate your words.

It’s far more effective to explain the obscure, give alternatives to the bad, and demonstrate the correct.

Sure, now and then a dose of reality is what it takes to get through to someone – but it should always be counter-balanced, or out-weighed by a positive response.

Very true, the jumping up and down that tends to happen gets old very quickly and doesn’t yield any truly positive long term results, for either side.

Well thought, calm, and measured responses, while initially slow to gain traction are much more likely to prevail in the end.

It’s a fact of life that people live drama, they’re naturally drawn to it. But when it’s the same repetitive thing, people will move from it. It’s these moments that a calmer response is more likely to grab someone attention and gain traction.

There will always be people who think being rude, loud, obnoxious and offensive is the only way they can convey their message. I’ve dealt with enough arguments like that in real life and in the past online that I no longer pay heed to it.
If you feel the desire to hurl abuse at me to try make your point, don’t be surprised if I just flat out ignore you. I have more important things to deal with than someone who I know won’t listen to me anyway.

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