Less of This, More of That”

Based off of my “Operation Ask“ thing I did when I first started this blog. Reblog this post and saying "Send me the ask!” and I will send an Ask with the below italicized text. If you reblog without actually saying “Send me the ask!” I’ll just assume you’re signal boosting the original post.

As a member of the brony community, what 3 things do you think our fandom needs to be called out on or improve upon? What 3 things would you say the fandom does good on & you would encourage to keep up? Remember, this is about fandom NOT the show itself. PUBLISH this & tag it “#LOTMOT” (short for Less of This, More of That) so others can see. Anyone who agrees/disagrees with the below answer, reply with your thoughts and experiences! Want this Ask too? Read my post tagged #LOTMOTorigin.

The point of this is to look at ourselves critically and get each other talking. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST WITH YOUR ANSWERS. Me sending an Ask instead of you just making a text post allows for the post to not be shortened into a link when it is reblogged. Additionally if everyone is sent an Ask, the tag can be searched and it won’t just be a unorganized mess of long answers reblogged from my original post. And if someone agrees/disagrees with a certain person’s post they can just reblog and add their thoughts to that specific person’s post.

Discussion is heavily encouraged. Disagreeing may bring understanding different view points. Agreeing can help support and strengthen emphasis on certain voices that need to be herd.

Send me the ask.

I’ll formulate a response over the next couple of days.

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