Clouded crystal RP post.

The room was darker than normal for his work, but it was required when handling this particular type of crystal.
The only sounds we’re coming from the flickering candle above his head, and the gentle scraping of the tools as he slowly shaped the crystal, carving a subtle pattern into it’s surface, preparing it for treatment by a spell that would break the unwanted materials away, leaving the desired shape.

A soft creak drifted through the door, grabbing his attention. He pulled a cloth over the workbench, just in time, as the door was slowly opened and a young mate poked her head through.
“Crys?” She queried, squinting as she tried to adjust to the heavily darkened room.
“What is it dusk?” He asked, turning in his chair to face her.
“I’m working on a flameburst crystal at the moment, is it important?”
This flustered the mare, who blushed and started looking at the ground as she stammered
“I-i-it’s j-j-just your d-d-d-dinner, crys, it’s been ready so long, it’s going cold”

Clouded crystal looked at her and sighed. Dry dusk had taken him in recently, and while she took care of his needs, she had a tendency to be very dotting, while naive at the same time.
Looking back to the bench, he reached over, adjusted the cover and blew out the candle. The crystal could wait a little longer. Besides, it was probably best he ate.

“Come on” he said, walking to her and ruffling the feathers on her wing. “Let’s go eat”