Clouded crystal RP post.

The room was darker than normal for his work, but it was required when handling this particular type of crystal.
The only sounds we’re coming from the flickering candle above his head, and the gentle scraping of the tools as he slowly shaped the crystal, carving a subtle pattern into it’s surface, preparing it for treatment by a spell that would break the unwanted materials away, leaving the desired shape.

A soft creak drifted through the door, grabbing his attention. He pulled a cloth over the workbench, just in time, as the door was slowly opened and a young mate poked her head through.
“Crys?” She queried, squinting as she tried to adjust to the heavily darkened room.
“What is it dusk?” He asked, turning in his chair to face her.
“I’m working on a flameburst crystal at the moment, is it important?”
This flustered the mare, who blushed and started looking at the ground as she stammered
“I-i-it’s j-j-just your d-d-d-dinner, crys, it’s been ready so long, it’s going cold”

Clouded crystal looked at her and sighed. Dry dusk had taken him in recently, and while she took care of his needs, she had a tendency to be very dotting, while naive at the same time.
Looking back to the bench, he reached over, adjusted the cover and blew out the candle. The crystal could wait a little longer. Besides, it was probably best he ate.

“Come on” he said, walking to her and ruffling the feathers on her wing. “Let’s go eat”

Some notes on clouded crystal..

First off. He’s not a paint, he’s actually just a normal unicorn. His early design was inspired by jitterbugjive’s character slate, however his character diverged from that fairly quickly.
His markings are actually a type of dark magic corruption. They have no set pattern (aside from the constant presence forming his right ear and covering his right eye), it reacts to his emotions, covering more of his body when he’s affected by strong negative emotions, reducing when he has positive emotions.
The corruption gives him no obvious benefits, and it appears to feed off his negative thoughts, often adding to it by seeding thoughts of doubt in his mind.
Several attempts have been made to remove it, however, each has ended in failure. 

However, while he isn’t a paint pony, he is constantly mistaken for one. This has allowed him to get away with many things that would have normally ended up with him spending time in prison.

The years of living with the corruption, plus major events in his past have had a strong impact on his mind. Over time he’s strong narcissistic tendencies, with frequent bouts of paranoia.

His talent is in the magical manipulation of crystals. Originally, this earned him a comfortable, yet modest, income in a small shop he ran in Manehattan, creating crystal figures and glassware for the elite.
His skills are possibly sharper than ever, in spite of the events that have happened to him, and he now uses his talent to craft any items he may need.
His current location is unknown, though it is believed he is somewhere in the crystal empire, searches have yielded no results, and the Manehattan guard have an alert out for his arrest in relation to an explosion that occurred at the location of his shop the night he went missing.

Naturally, clouded crystal is not his actual name. After the trauma and events following his infection, he adopted the new name in an attempt to leave his past behind, and to try to move on. However, the past, never seems to be too far behind…