Character notes: Dry Dusk

Dry dusk is a young paint pegasus, Recent events within her family (namely the revelations that she was actually conceived in an incestuous affair between her mother and her cousin) have seen her forced out of the family circles and homes with next to no support.
Her father still helps her in secret, because even though she may not be his blood, she’s always been “daddys little girl”

She’s an extremely fast flyer, able to reach speeds that can easily match Rainbow dash. However, she lacks the technical skills, and as such can’t pull off the extremely tight maneuvers that almost every other pegasus can. This is mainly due to what she refers to as her “grounding curse”, or in effect, her complete inability to interact with clouds in any as a result, she was never able to attend any flight schools, aside from basic ones held close to ground level (where she could land when she got tired from keeping herself up for so long).
Over time this built up her endurance to, and often now she’s able to raise high level winds that most pegasi have extreme difficulty flying in.

Her personality is one of a very caring pony, a little naive and very much loving. she can tend to be a little bit too attentive at times, coming across a bit dotting over anypony she happens to be taking care of at the time.
She’s had limited interactions with ponies outside the family and high class social circles, so she flusters easily when dealing with more “common” pony types.

She keeps a fairly secluded home between Canterlot and the crystal empire, preferring the privacy of being away from a town or city. She often visits the crystal empire to so any shopping or the like that she requires, avoiding Canterlot unless absolutely necessary to avoid the abuse from the ponies she used to consider friends, who now shun her.

Her relationship with Clouded Crystal is purely platonic, with her having taken him in after he protected her from an attack one day, and her realising through their subsequent conversation that he was similar to her in some ways, and he could use some help (and she did get fairly lonely at times).
She doesn’t join him for any of the things he does, preferring to not know, and stay at the home and do chores instead. His pursuits don’t interest her much.

Until recently, she kept her natural mane colours, however, now she’s been kicked out of her previous home, she’s started to dye it a faint shade of yellow, with a thin and bright strawberry coloured stripe through the whole thing. ( the dying is something she goes to canterlot of.

Clouded crystal RP post.

The room was darker than normal for his work, but it was required when handling this particular type of crystal.
The only sounds we’re coming from the flickering candle above his head, and the gentle scraping of the tools as he slowly shaped the crystal, carving a subtle pattern into it’s surface, preparing it for treatment by a spell that would break the unwanted materials away, leaving the desired shape.

A soft creak drifted through the door, grabbing his attention. He pulled a cloth over the workbench, just in time, as the door was slowly opened and a young mate poked her head through.
“Crys?” She queried, squinting as she tried to adjust to the heavily darkened room.
“What is it dusk?” He asked, turning in his chair to face her.
“I’m working on a flameburst crystal at the moment, is it important?”
This flustered the mare, who blushed and started looking at the ground as she stammered
“I-i-it’s j-j-just your d-d-d-dinner, crys, it’s been ready so long, it’s going cold”

Clouded crystal looked at her and sighed. Dry dusk had taken him in recently, and while she took care of his needs, she had a tendency to be very dotting, while naive at the same time.
Looking back to the bench, he reached over, adjusted the cover and blew out the candle. The crystal could wait a little longer. Besides, it was probably best he ate.

“Come on” he said, walking to her and ruffling the feathers on her wing. “Let’s go eat”