How to Easily Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home


How to make ultra-smooth cold brew coffee concentrate at home, just like your favorite coffee shops.

Joanne and I have been coffee lovers for some time now. So adding some coffee-inspired recipes to Inspired Taste was pretty much inevitable.

Cold Brew is where we wanted to start.

Why you should cold brew coffee at home: Cold brewed coffee at home is really, really simple. Mix coffee with water and brew. Drink.

It’s better than iced coffee.

If regular iced coffee — or hot brewed coffee cooled down with ice — is watching TV with old school rabbit ears, then cold brewed coffee is watching TV in HD.

Adding a bunch of ice cubes to hot coffee dilutes things. The flavor is watery and any nuance the coffee had when brewed gets trampled.

With cold brew, the coffee becomes ultra-smooth, rich and thick in flavor.

A must make!

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