As some of you may know, i live with a mentally and physically abusive stepdad, he and my mother are also both alcoholics. I have to deal/suffer with that everyday of my life and it is making me really unhealthy. All money earned from commissions will go towards my funds for eventually moving out of this abusive household.

NSFW commission list can be found: HERE

Commission Prices:

OC Sketch: £3 With Color: £5

Colored Fluffy Chibi: £5 With Shading: £7

Colored full bodied OC: £8 With Shading: £10

Colored, full bodied with two OC’s: £12 With Shading: £15

Transparent, white or a simple backgrounds for example, polka dots or stripes are free, if you want me to add a simple background its an extra £2

Simple OC animation e.g. Blinking, bouncing etc: £13

Bree snuggles images! : This includes your oc hugging/ snuggling Bree on a large canvas with color, shade & texture: £16

If you could like to commission me please contact me here on Tumblr or via my Skype which is xAkilaRosex. (please only add my skype if its for a commission.)

Donations are also highly appreciated, all donations will mean so much to me and will help greatly! There is a donation button on my page if you would ever want to donate.

If you would like to see more examples of my art before commissioning please let me know, also could i ask that you please, please reblog this post? It will help out a whole lot! Thankyou guys <333

ohh, now I’m going to have to think of something to commission from bree too, heh.

her art is adorable.

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