Sorry to hear things are going badly for you at the moment, I can’t even imagine how much stressful some of this stuff can be. I hope you can get through it without problems. I know there’s plenty of us who support you and what you’re doing :) (I guess the best I can say is just try to not let anything get under your skin. Sorry, I’m pretty bad at being encouraging)


I feel bad when you guys come over here to give me love and support, because I’m not the one being directly affected. 

It just boils my blood that someone as sweet, kind, coherent and intelligent as askasanebrony is being told that his commentary and opinions on his own fandom are being invalidated because he has the word ‘brony’ in his URL.

That people are demanding he change the URL on his tumblr so that they will be more comfortable in taking him seriously, because they’re not allowed to take him seriously when he has a made-up word in his URL.
I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, that is really Tumblr culture’s pinnacle of hypocrisy – constantly telling other people they need to change and alter their actions to make perfect strangers who pass by and may never even speak to them again comfortable. 

It’s just, how shallow, vapid and entitled do you have to be to demand other people change themselves for you? You’re the one who has an issue with associating with a label, not Neth, why should he change? Perhaps you need to sit down and consider why that label affects you so much – is it really that you think everyone associated with that label is bad?

I think, if you do some soul searching, you’ll find that’s not the case – given the fact you’re willing to instantly accept everything he has to say as long as he changes his URL to ‘askasaneMLPfan’ instead of ‘askasanebrony’ – and even if it is the case, and you want to disassociate from bronies for whatever reason, then fine.

Stop talking to them.
Stop looking at them.
Stop bothering them.
Ignore them, let them ignore you. Don’t spend your time hating on an ambiguous ‘them’ and harassing people who you think maybe a part of the ambiguous ‘them’.

I should also note my explosion is also due to stress at home, stress at work, and finals. I am a ball of anxiety right now, and when that happens I have a tendency to lash out, badly. 

I won’t post all the other supportive messages I got in my inbox in order to not flood my dash and followers, but thank you everyone. 

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