The simple act of surgical teams asking 19 questions such as “Do we have the right patient?” and “What operation are we performing?” has been proven to reduce deaths by over 40%. Source

Yup can’t do that surgery without ya time outs.

One time, a resident (R2) came into the room after induction and started telling us all the things we needed to get for the surgery. We all stared at her and then she looked around and said, “oh no, this is the wrong patient“ and we were all like, “uh no, you are in the wrong room.” Lol she ran out of there and we had a good laugh with the attending.

“5 steps to safter surgery” is saving lives!

Simple questions save lives. Doesn’t just apply to surgery, We do a similar deal on minesites. (what are the hazards?, How can I reduce my risk?, Do I have everything I need to work safely?, etc..)

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