Just found out that a friend who had her gall bladder removed in emergency surgery the other day (she had 6 massive gall stones) was told by the surgeon that if she hadn’t of had it done within the next week, she would have been killed by it..

like, seriously.. holy.. fucking… shit….

She’s been living in pain for over a year because of this thing, but because of how fucked up the US healthcare system is, she hasn’t been able to have the surgery to remove it..
It took it ALMOST FUCKING KILLING HER before anything was done..

if that’s not massively fucked up, I don’t know what is..

I’m not entirely sure I 100% agree with all the workings of the ACA, but I most certainly 100% support free, tax-funded healthcare. Situations like this where it takes crippling pain to get people to pay up for proper medical care and where once-treatable conditions worsen to the point of permanent harm happen far more often than a first-world country should allow. Glad your friend’s going to make it, and by the sounds of it should recover.

I won’t claim to know much about the US system, but I’ll agree, the AHA has a lot of issues, but it’s a starting point.

the fact what would have been a simple, fast and safe procedure was allowed to become so risky beggers belief for me.
But I’m just so glad she finally got it sorted, and that now she’ll be able to go about doing everything without dealing with the constant pain.

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