Well some tips…

I think drawing ponys are mostly circles. Alot and lot of circles.

I normaly start with a circle for the head and add a cross to got a direction where the nose and eyes are gonna be.

I don´t completely follow the circle while drawing it. I just use it as some kind of guideline.

The ear gives the pony alot of character, because its a eye catcher. You can make them big and fluffy to make it look cute or short and pointy to give it a bit of a rougher tone.

The hair is something what (I think atleast) everyone have a bit to experiment with. If you want to draw it show accurate then there are tons of material out there to get some reference. I prefer to do the hair my way, which simply means trying so long until you happy with the result.

(Pinkies hair here is just a result of some drawing accidents which I liked and builded up until I got this kind of mane)

The body are just more circles.

Just two circle for the front and the back, which a connected with a curved line. I always try to imagine there the bones are and add legs in a fitting position.

the tail is pretty much the same rule as the mane… It just needs to be way bigger! no? just me? … ok…

– Drawing is a skill and can be learned by anybody. You just need to keep going and build up confidence about your work. Learn to work with critique.

– Keep your old sketch books. You can use them to get some ideas for your current drawings or atleast show yourself how much you improved.

– Look up at other peoples art, tutorial videos and don´t be shy to ask them about certain things. Most artist don´t bite and will gladly answer you questions, but don´t bother them if they don´t feel like talking right now. 😉 (if its and askblog, ask on the modblog for tips.)

– All in all. Be nice, be friendly. Do your thing and have fun while drawing. Nothing else matters. 😀

Everyone started small. 😉

– Some of my personal tutorial images I use

– Drawing tutorial´s (by sycra)

(thats are just my way of drawing. Other people do way better tutorials then me, give them a watch aswell. >.<)

Let me know if this was any helpful. 😛

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