Help wanted!

Hello lovely people, A while ago I posted a message asking for help so I could pay for my laptop I needed through commissions. I want to thank (again) all the people that did actually commission me in the end since it helped me kick away a good chunk of the cost, it was amazing!

But sadly my problem Isn’t over, the laptop was needed for my animation course and now I found out the school fee that I am paying in terms is a lot higher then I expected. I thought it would be around 200 a month but instead it’s 380 and I’ll have to pay this for the coming 5 months, and on top of this the first payment is in 6 days. (yikes!)

The reason this is such a big deal is because my finances are very limited, I live on my own without any family to help me out as I’ve been doing so for the past 5 years. And with the last few months of mishaps (broken ankle and laptop) I haven’t been able to safe up and protect myself against these sorts of things.

So I am again humbly asking people for commissions, I will be off this weekend and since my first payment is due so soon I am hoping to push some serious work these coming few days! You can request all sorts of stuff from me, be it ponies, dragons, animals, humans or anything in between on top or below. It would amazing if you guys can help me out one more time and I promise to deliver something back to the best of my abilities!

underneath a commission listing:

Sketch commission:

  • single $8.00
  • every additional char $5.00

Flat colours:

  • single: $10.00
  • every additional char: $6.00

Shaded commission:

  • single: $15.00
  • every additional char: $11.00

These prices are based on normal ponies, the number can go up if your oc has a lot of extra parts or armour.
The shaded commissions come with simple background, for any detailed background you can ask for it and I’ll calculate the price depending on difficulty, this goes for all the types (sketch,flat or shaded)
I am also available for nsfw pieces but these will only be discussed in private and will not be featured on any of the rubyrue blogs.

Your drawing can be livestreamed if you request!

Contact me on:
skype: motomori-chan

I wish I could help, but I’m also having finance troubles. Dx But I guess I can at least reblog this, even if I don’t have a lot of followers.

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