Surprise!!! We’re Going to Be at Nightmare Nights!

Which is to say neither Trick Candle nor Mwai nor Pixel Prism will be there — but our henchzeeb Makuru has agreed to peddle some decks there! He will be sharing the table with Ashley Nichols and will have decks as well as an exclusive card!

Speaking of Exclusive Cards…

We will not be at Ponyville Ciderfest, but we WILL have an exclusive card for sale there in the con store, as well as a deck available for a competition prize.

This was all very last minute, so I apologize for not giving more of an advance warning!

As for pre-orders… I will be opening up pre-orders for Nightmare Nights Dallas later today. When I do, I’ll reblog this post with a note about it! Happy shipping, you guys!

And lo, we did open the pre-orders page, and it was good!

If you would like to pre-order a deck or card at Nightmare Nights, please go through that link!

Please note, you cannot pre-order for the card at Ponyville Ciderfest, as we are not the ones selling it.

There has been some confusion regarding the Ponyville Ciderfest card: the con themselves will be selling it at the convention, wherever they sell their Ciderfest-centric goods. It is not through us; as far as I know, you cannot order it online. You must buy it at the con.

But Pixel, you ask, how do I get a card if I’m not going to either of those cons?!

Easy! Find a friend or other fellow Shipfic fan, and see if they’ll pick one up for you! You can either make a post in the Secret Shipfic subreddit looking for help with this matter, or coordinate with friends! Outside of that, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do.

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