So I’m doing this new thing on my stream now with the help of my buddy Caerdwyn. Once a month, Caerdwyn and I have decided to do what we call The Surprise Caer Package.

More times than I can reasonably count, I’ve seen viewers in my stream talk about the hardships in their lives, with some of them being so far down that they literally cannot afford food. I have been in that position before. I have been to a point where I could not afford to eat or pay my bills, and that shit is rough. The solution? We’re going to try and help alleviate some of that stress.

Once a month, I am going to hunt around on Twitter, Tumblr, Twitch, and any other social media website I can and find people who are struggling and need this help. Then, with the help of Caerdwyn, we will send them 1 or 2 boxes [And these are BIG FUCKIN’ BOXES] filled with food via Amazon Pantry, completely free of charge. But why do this in the first place? Because people are worth it. When you have the ability to do good, regardless of how small that good may be, fuckin’ do it.

This month’s select is occoris, a fucking talented artist and someone who has been struggling with eating for the past couple weeks. I hope the food helps!

Mic you are amazing

I had no idea this was a thing; it completely blows away any charitable ideas I’ve thought up with. You guys must be so proud <3

Reblogging this because Mic, you are amazing.

Mic, that is awesome.

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