Ash’s Pony Commissions

Commissions are currently: Open.

I decided to do a visual breakdown of my commission prices since I, personally, find it easier to digest. These will be going on a separate page on the blog, probably under the ‘About Me’ page that I’m adding.

These prices only apply to future commissions. If we have already discussed and agreed upon a price for a pending commission, the price for your commission is still what I quoted you.

I will consider doing additional levels of work or half-way tiers or different styles upon request, and we will discuss prices via email for anything that does not fit in to what I have laid out. I’m also changing the way I accept payments – all payments must be made in advance, or half at reserve, and full at presentation of a sketch.

If you need or want progress shots of your commission, you must ask in advance, otherwise I will only email them to you if I’ve run into a snag with colors, layout, or design along the way.

This is not due to any foul events happening, this is just trying to train myself to follow normal commission practices, as I’ve been getting more attention than usual.

All commission requests should be sent to poniesforparents@gmail.com!

Current Note; I’m going away to Minnesota to visit my best friend in the entire world. I have plenty of money saved up but extra never hurts.

Ash does great work (she did this blogs header image) 

if ppl are after stuff, definitely consider commissioning her 🙂

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