Sketched up design for a story character for my librarian-pagewhisper blog.

This character is called Magister Marigold.
In the story, she’s actually written as a rival to starswirl the bearded (so she’ll only really appear in historical reference panels)

She’s written as one of trixies ancestors, so there’s heavy referencing to trixie in the character, from her mane and tail, as well as her cutie mark and attitude.
Her colours are golds and a shade of blue.

Attitude-wise, she’s very similar to trixie. She’s very brash, a major bragger, doesn’t like being beaten at something and is impulsive.
However she has the skill to back up her bragging, is a master at technical types of magic (fine manipulation of items etc) and more often than not actually succeeds in her aims, in spite of her nature.

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