In truth, I have no idea what Book Horse does or does not support.  Is she in favor of capital gains?  Does the Treaty of Versailles expand upon the definition of freedom of religion?  What is her stand on prohibition or the taxation of Irish immigrants as proposed by the Know-Nothing Party in 1856?  Who knows?  Obviously not the Know-Nothings, it’s right there in the name. 

All I know is what Beer Horse thinks.  And what she thinks is that she’s happiest when focused on the fan part of fandom.  

I don’t have time, inclination or the patience to tell other people what to do or how to live their lives.  Policing my own self is a full time job I don’t want to be anyone else’s moral gendarme.  All I want is to be a good person and treat others with the same respect, understanding and kindness that I want to be treated with.   

I don’t deal in stereotypes or broad generalizations or beating people over the head with the cudgel of my own personal beliefs.  I have faced pain and suffering and discrimination and hurt and heartache in my life- just the same as anyone.  I’ve done good things and bad, brave and cowardly, honorable and self-serving. I have been there, just the same as you.  And because of that, more than anything else in this world, I believe in empathy and understanding, never condemnation.  My past mistakes- and they are multitude- is today’s lesson and tomorrow’s regret.  I dare not judge or begrudge others for their missteps along the way. 

Put simply-be nice, don’t hurt others and enjoy the cartoon.  That’s it.  That’s the Beer Horse manifesto. 

Yep, pretty much this.

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