Just had an idea for a thing


I’ve decided to create a sort of running “series” of topics for this blog which I’ll header under the title “Let’s Discuss…”

The concept is simple, send me an ask, or submission with the title “Let’s discuss” then a topic for discussion. 
However it should also include a statement/comment regarding your position on the matter.

This setup will have a small set of rules however:

  1. Be specific. Whatever you wish to discuss should not be vague. just staying “bronies” for example is too vague for a topic (unless you go into a specific reason in your comment) and will not be considered.
  2. Be polite, no attacks. some of the issues can be very emotive at times, any attacks/harassment will not be tolerated when sending a topic and will be ignored.
  3. State your position properly. When submitting, provide what could be considered a reasonable level of your own thoughts for the discussion.
  4. I will not discuss specific people or their actions. this is a big one, don’t come to discuss a particular person for any reason, I’ll reject it instantly. this is for more broad spectrum discussion, not gossip about others.

Any submissions can be anonymous, If using the submit system, let me know at the start so that I won’t publish it by accident.

The responses I give will be my view on matters, and I’ll try to address anything brought up in the submission.

I want to keep this as civil as possible. disagreements are welcome, encouraged even.
I know I can’t control how people react and what they post, but I’d like this to be a respectful forum for discussion.

Something I’m starting as a regular feature on my side blog. 

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