Call Yourself Something Else

Anonymous asked askasanebrony:

I just wanted to chip in as an anti-brony: I have absolutely nothing against males of any ages being fans of MLP. Brony as a term is ridiculous with underlying sexist issues, as if men can’t like ponies without differentiating themselves from the other fans and letting everyone know that they’re special (read: male) and total BROS. Plus nowadays the word has got serious negative connotations I don’t really understand why call yourself one. You seem very smart though, all the best! x

In which I explain the origin of Brony (again) and how the origin proves that it was never sexist or intending to defeminate the show at all — it was a play on words made as a spur of the moment pun.

Coupled with the evidence that the silent majority of the Brony fandom is good, we can say that there’s nothing wrong with Brony.

So why bother with the label in the first place? Well firstly, every fandom has some kind of label. But ‘MLP-fan’ or ‘fan of my little pony’ doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue.

The MLP fandom became a movement, the movement was how it brought all these people together who would otherwise not have involved themselves and stayed at home in their rooms. To them, and to everyone else, they feel like they’re more than /just fans/ of MLP — that’s why they call themselves bronies.

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