New tumblr page

Created this page for the express purpose of Food and Pony fandom discussions.

Regular recipes shall appear, as well as food porn and a multitude of “rants” from time to time

Any recipes I post will be in Metric and have ingredients that can easily be found for me (In Western Australia), Complaining to me that something isn’t available for you isn’t going to help as these are recipes I personally cook, so I’m familiar with the produce.

Feel free to ask for any particular recipe, or heck, even to submit your own for me to make.

I work a 4 week on, one week off roster for my job, However on my week off I will be doing cooking livestreams (considering 2 or 3 each time). the link will be posted here an hour before each stream starts. 
First streams will most likely start in June, due to me spending my week off in May in the USA (If you’re in the Anahiem area May 14-17, hit me up :P)

For now, that’s all I’ve got.


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