One of my pet hates..

Is people with double standards..
You’re going to complain about something the group I associate with does?, fine. I can accept that, but you’d better damn well look at your own things with exactly the same light.

I’ll accept that there are elements in the brony community that are highly unsavory, and I firmly believe people should be called out for unacceptable practices (things like posting NSFW content where children can see it, harassing people etc..)
But when you use the argument that bronies are scum because they like a show whose *primary* target audience is young girl, all you’re saying to me is that people should only watch content produced for *their* specific target audience. Sorry, this just makes you an asshole.

Like any big fandom, the brony one has more than its share of creeps. This is an unfortunate side effect of being a large group, and one that takes a large amount of effort to purge.
When people post fake and/or exaggerated stories of things that happen at a gathering or convention, these only add to odds that when an accurate account of something is posted in future, that it’ll be dismissed. (this applies to ALL fandoms by the way).

On the other side of the coin, many bronies need to take a good hard look at how we, as a fandom, are being viewed, and need to realize, we HAVE to be much more proactive in shutting down the bad elements of the fandom.
The mantra “love and tolerate” that so many of us like, simply does NOT cut it. There’s many things floating around within the fandom that should NOT be loved OR tolerated. These things MUST be called out for what they truly are, unacceptable and unwanted practices, items or behavior.

I know I’m going cop a ton of flak for this rant.. But honestly, I just had to purge it from my system.
I love being a brony, I love the show and a TON of the content this fandom produces (even some of the NSFW content).
But some of what I see just gives me chills…

In the end though.. This has all that really needs to be said..

Excuse me while I now dump a bucket of ice over my head to cool off…