Yeah, people suck. There are a bunch of assholes that specifically go through variants of tags like “do not reblog” to harass people because they like hurting people and crap like that, so tagging it with something unique or letter variations(do not reblog///1////5//) might help out.


Thank you – I went back and added some //// to my tags so that won’t happen again

What kind of sick loser takes pleasure in purposefully disobeying someone’s wishes when they’re expressing things to their friends and followers? People need to get fucking lives

Tempted to tag this as ‘do not reblog’ to see if any of those idiots will do just that and slander themselves on by their own shitty behavior… but nah

Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of people looking to be dicks, especially here (this site is crawling with trolls)

It’s kind of the reason I rarely detail much that happens for me, and why I almost never tag anything