The Endearing and Annoying Things About Each Sign


Endearing: One of the most lovable things about Aries is that they approach everything in life with a child-like wonder and enthusiasm.
Annoying: Aries get so freaking fired up about everything, they often turn minor conflicts into major brawls.

Endearing: Taurus will shower the people they love with random acts of love and generosity.
Annoying: At the first sign of sickness, Taurus will clear the calendar, turn off the phone, call into work, and basically act like the world is ending.

Endearing: A Gemini will always verbally express their feelings about everything. If they love you, you will hear about it constantly and feel like you have a #1 fan.
Annoying: Gemini has a tendency to act as if they know so much about what you’re talking about, even if they don’t.

Endearing: Cancer constantly wants to be with their loved ones. Like a loyal puppy, they will follow you around the house begging for quality time and snuggles.
Annoying: You’d be lucky to have a minute go by without Cancer’s insecurity issues popping up; they require constant reassurance.

Endearing: Every Leo has a bouncy, bubbly, positive energy that can’t be stifled and is super contagious.
Annoying: Leos are the biggest whiners. If things don’t go their way, if they don’t feel appreciated, hell, even if they are just a little tired you won’t hear the end of it.

Endearing: If you are close to Virgo, you know one of their cutest qualities is how they are always gathering different opinions and insights.
Annoying: Virgo’s incessantly worry about everything, making simple things seem overly complicated.

Endearing: Libra values other people so much that they will always go to great lengths to make any situation feel comfortable, calm, and enjoyable.
Annoying: Libras will tell you exactly what you want to hear, and aren’t above using their people skills to get what they want.

Endearing: If someone they love has been wronged, Scorpio will do everything in their power to make it right — and we mean everything.
Annoying: They get so intense and serious about every little thing, making small decisions seem like life or death.

Endearing: Sagittarius has an innately optimistic outlook that allows them to view the world from a place of hope and optimism.
Annoying: They are such perfectionists and more than a bit controlling — if you don’t do things their way, you are doing things wrong.

Endearing: Capricorns have a warm and nurturing way about them. When you are around them you will always feel supported and well taken care of.
Annoying: If there’s not a specific plan in place, Capricorn cannot handle it and it’s only a matter of time before they freak out.

Endearing: An Aquarius is always ready and willing to jump in and lend a helping hand no matter what else is going on in their own lives.
Annoying: Aquarians believe they always have the most logical perspective, AKA they don’t know when to shut up and listen instead of offering advice.

Endearing: Pisces is naturally a subtle, open, and vulnerable person, which is something our society often frowns upon but they can’t help it and it’s lovely!
Annoying: They often seem to be stuck in slow motion, so it takes them literally three times as long as anyone else to get something done.

Source: The Frisky

Ok, the endearing is accurate. The annoying is a flat out lie.
I’d basically have to be far to sick to even wake up/walk before I even consider calling in sick to work.