Sorry, I’m drunk and when I get drunk I send these messages. We’re not close, I don’t think you know me at all, but you’re a good guy. I see your posts saying how you’re not sure if you’ll ever find someone. You know, I’m straight, but if I weren’t I’d date you, I think it might even work (also I’m in the US, so no joy there). Just, someone will want you. You’re a good guy, an interesting and worthwhile person. Someone’s going to be lucky to have you.

Thanks 🙂

I tend to get into those moods of “I’m not going to find anyone” from time to time.

While I know I probably will, eventually, find someone. it’s just the meantime that sucks. but what can one do? *shrugs*

I tend to last a few days in my self-depreciative state before moving on. at least until it comes around again a month or so later. a bit like an orbiting object.
I’ll just keep going, and who knows, I may get lucky.

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