Gay Community: Bisexuals will never understand what it truly means to be oppressed!
Bisexuals: *are rejected from the straight community*
Bisexuals: *are rejected by the Lesbian and Gay community*
Bisexuals: *have their sexuality undermined every time they talk about it*
Bisexuals: *are told that their own definitions of their sexuality are wrong*
Bisexuals: *are accused of being cheaters or disloyal*
Bisexuals: *are accused of being inherently transphobic*
Bisexuals: *are told they aren’t welcome at Pride if they are in “het” relationships*
Bisexuals: *are asked when they turned gay if they are in “gay” relationships*
Bisexuals: *literally have the same slurs thrown at them and experience the same hatred from straight people as gay people do*
Gay Community: Yep. All of that bisexual privilege.

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