“Bisexuals aren’t stigmatised”


With help from a bunch of lesbians from youtube:

  • “I think lesbians are smarter in a sense that we know what we want and we go for it, that’s why we’re gay”
  • “so if you’re at a party and you see the hottest girl there who turns out to be bisexual, whats your reaction?” “that’s really unfortunate”
  • “if she can make me laugh then I might be able to get past the fact that she had a dick in her mouth last week”
  • “if you’re with a lesbian then you know that they’re going to be going for you, for a woman, but if you’re with a bisexual…”

and a special mention for personal experience:

  • “I’ll have to keep a meter away from you tonight, otherwise you might make out with me haha”
  • “I wanted to tell you that you looked good last night but someone told me not because you might make out with me”

we constantly get told not to attend pride unless we’re in a same sex relationship, get degrading comments from both the gay community and straight people, are told we aren’t ‘queer enough’ and that because we can pass as straight we don’t deserve a place in LGBTQ+ spaces.

get fucked.

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