replied to your photo “Bacon!”

omg that is a lot of bacon

hahaha.. that’s just a small fraction of what I do each day. here’s an approximate full rundown of the breakfast for you.

4 cartons of eggs (180 eggs per carton. 2 are poached, the other 2 are done as fried.)
10L scrambled egg (I mix it myself..)
30-45kg of bacon
12kg Baked beans
9kg Spaghetti (pretty much this stuff)
10kg sliced mushrooms
6kg tomatoes
12kg Sausages
15kg potato (hash browns, potato gems, wedges, etc)
4L milk
2kg quick oats

those are just the consistent ones. then there’s my daily special which I make, as well as rice, vegetables and 2 wet dishes (often just left from the evenings service)

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