I’ve noticed MANY people getting irritated about artists with backlog taking new commissions. Ever considered posting WIPs of commissions (more than just big ones) like, every couple weeks to keep people updated? Or have you not gotten ANY complaints? :o


I have one person who is antsy about their comm, but it’s out of my hands – its been sent to another artist for colouring and I haven’t been in contact with them recently. I’m keeping an eye out for them to be online.

Other than that, no, I haven’t had any complaints. No-one minds that I am taking new commissions.

I always do comms in the order they were paid for (except in the extremely rare, has literally only happened twice ever, case of a rush order). I’m also putting out fundraiser YCH comms regularly but they only take like, half an hour, so it doesn’t take much time away from other work, and I feel that after people gave me over a thousand dollars, I need to show them right away that I plan to fulfill my side of things.

Also, new commissioners know they have to wait 4-6 weeks for their pics. I make it clear. The old stuff has to be done first.

I also semi-regularly make posts showing where I am in my commission queue and who’s next, etc.

And if I don’t take new commissions at all, I can’t finish old stuff either cuz I won’t be able to, you know, pay for the internet.

It’s one of situations where you’re really stuck for options isn’t it?

As nice as it’d be to be able to close to complete the backlog, bills don’t stop coming for anything.
(If I was much more skilled with my art, I’d offer to help out similar to how pippy did, however I’m not there yet, so I can only really help for now by adding to my, admittedly long, queue, lol)

Hopefully the new laptop will help a lot with things too, once you get it set up anyway 😉

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