Is someone a fan of snakes! :D




Who me? 

Yeah I love snakes. I would have one as a pet if half my family wasn’t fucking terrified of them. (Also they’re kind of expensive to maintain… BUT THEY’RE SO CUUUUUTE)

I freaking love snakes.. which is a good thing, considering where I work 😀

it’s a bit of a pain that I work away for such long periods, so I can’t have any (4 weeks on, 1 week off.. loooong swings) otherwise I’d probably get a permit to own reptiles and get one of these cuties..


Okay now I gotta ask where you work and how it involves snakes, please

Location is about 150KM Northwest of the town of Newman in Western Australia.

it involves snakes by virtue of being a minesite in the middle of the desert 😛
so it’s pretty common for Mulga, Western brown, rosens and a few other species to come into the camp. several of us on site are licensed snake handlers, myself included, when one enters the camp, we have to catch it, then relocate it.

That particular snake belongs to the man who did our snake handler training, it’s a Stimsons python, and if I ever get the chance, I’d probably get one.

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