Lil help


She’s my favorite pony but not doing so well with the backers.  From what I can tell, you back them, and when they get enough backers they make the product and send it out… but right now Maud doesn’t have a lot of backers… so it’d be cool to get more . If they don’t get enough, they refund your money.

It’d be great to have a Maud Plush so I’m going to post this here and just hope for good things to happen

Hmm, site’s an interesting idea, though I worry they’ll get hit hard on copyright fairly quickly, esp considering pokemon and MLP fans have pretty much all the current ideas available.

(not super keen on the idea of them taking money up front, would rather see them take it when the backer numbers have been fulfilled, but I guess this way ensures you actually have the money to pay)

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