Please clarify as to what the “unwanted parts” of the fandom are.



Unwanted would be the undesirable, or what one could commonly refer to as creepers.
Don’t look at this as me saying we should fight against R34 content either. I share a similar stance to the other blogs I mentioned at the start of my post in regards to it, I have no issues with (most) of it, as long as it’s kept where children won’t stumble across it.

The things we want to actively remove are the people who attack and abuse others for having a different opinion, harass people at events and so forth. basically, people who do things that are unwanted or illegal in society in general.

Now the numbers who do this are very low, probably lower than some other fandoms I’ve been in, however we’re not immune from it, and it’s one of the biggest things we get attack over every time. being seen to have a solid “no means no” stance will help to alleviate some of that pressure.

There’s no easy solution, or “quick fix” to this. it’s going to take time and effort from a huge number of people to achieve. It’s already started, We’ve just got to keep it going and to get more vocal in pushing it.

It’s extremely difficult to prevent people from doing bad stuff – unless you’re right there to tell them No That Is Not Acceptable.

I believe the best way to combat the problems we face is to lead by example – demonstrate how we should behave, with civility and responsibility.

This will not only attract others to follow suit, but discourage others who are acting inappropriately.

Celebrate your positive action. It may seem daft to pat yourself on the back for not screwing up – but these days, people should see that there are greater rewards for being good than being an asshole, the latter being something the internet tends to glorify.

Absolutely, it’s a primary point I make a lot.

We can’t stop everyone from doing things that we don’t want them to, but we can make it known that it’s not acceptable.
as nice as it would be to just “remove” the bad people from the fandom, it just can’t be done, if they want to say they’re a part of it, no one can really stop them. and this goes for every fandom really.

encouraging the positives should be the biggest focus for everyone when it comes to action IMHO. There will be claims we’re “trying to bury the bad stuff” but, often, that’s what you have to do, bury the negative with so much positive that it gets crushed into obscurity. it won’t go away, it never will, but the constant focus on it doesn’t help much either.

it’s worth noting, this post was is a clarification to a part of this one I made before it:

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