“askaSANEbrony” SANE. Yeah. Because sanity is a good word to use and not another word that stigmatizes mental patients & mental illness. Yeppers. You’re doing a fan-fucking-tastic job of trying to appear as the voice of reason here, Mod. No ableist language in your url AT ALL.


Words have more than one meaning my friend. They can have different base meanings, their meaning can also change depending on context.
My blog title uses a different meaning to the one you’re referring to, and is in the context of describing myself, not other people.
If I were to belittle a person based on their physical or mental disposition, that would be ablism. Until that time comes, I’d recommend you spend your breath supporting a positive cause helping those who feel alone and uncertain.
I wish you good fortune on that endeavour.
reasonable or sensible.
“a sane discussion of the important social issues of our time”
synonyms: sensible, practical, advisable, responsible, realistic,
full of common sense, prudent, circumspect, pragmatic, wise,
reasonable, rational, mature, level-headed, commonsensical,
judicious, politic, sound, balanced, sober…

Now that’s some major swinging and hoping to catch some straws there from the anon.

Hey anon, if you’re going to attack someone on the words they use in their name, how about learning what the words actually mean, eh?

At this rate, they’ll probably claim my blog is belittling to people with eating disorders because I have the word chef in it…
(Seriously, wouldn’t surprise me)

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