I thought that ‘bronies’ was just a general term for MLP fans. What exactly is the distinction? Every person I’ve talked to thus far who identifies with the term ‘brony’ has been a genuinely good person. I don’t understand all the hate- it just seems little more than 4chan-ish name-calling and gender role policing to me that just seems to do more harm than good. Isn’t the point of MLP about being non-judgemental and inclusive of everyone? That was Lauren Faust’s intention in the first place.


It’s just a title. I can use it or not use it. It’s up to you if you want to use it or not. I just prefer to be called a fan.

Pretty much this.

It is just a title. I personally identify as a brony, mostly because it’s just easier for me where I am. (Only one where I work who’s actually a fan of the show)

The decision to return to calling myself a brony is a recent one for me. I used to use it when I first joined the fandom, before several bad experiences, both online and with a local brony group, turned me off it completely for a long time.
However now, after watching from a distance for a while, I’m feeling comfortable with the title again.
Many of the bad elements are still there, but it’s almost impossible to remove those from anything, the best that can be done, to my mind, is to not let them overcome the good parts.

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